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    Solarwinds Storage Manager reporting question

    Wolfgang Wu

      Dear Sir,


      1.       1. For Storage Manager(STM), can STM report  the path map between Disk to LUN (it should be 2 different build in report but I can’t group the field into one)

      For example, a table showed as below: (I manually combine the data in “RAID_Group_Utilization” and  “LUN Path Maping” Report in solarwinds Storage manager live demo site on EMC-Clariion-001)


      i want to see what type of drive (FC,SATA) formed this LUN

      RAID Group IDDevice NameLUN IDRAID TypeDrive TypeTotal Size GBPhysical Disks




      2. if my customer combine 3 RAID GROUP into one Pool. (eg by  EMC VNX FAST technology)

      what will the STM report showed ?

      for example, customer using EMC VNX with 3xSSD + 5xSAS + 5xNearLineSAS harddisk to form a Pool, and then open a LUN.

      So, in the LUN Path Maping report, can STM still recognize this POOL as a RAID Group?