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    Application Template Documents?


      A while back SolarWinds had a set of PDF documents for the major application templates (SQL, Exchange, etc) with some details on what the different performance counters indicated.  I used to be able to find those, however, in the new Thwack site I am unable to locate those documents.


      Could somebody please kindly point me to were that information is stored, it would be much appreciated!

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          Sure, as creator of said documents let me explain. Since the new thwack, pdfs are no longer a viable option, hence, the docs you seek are on the site directly under Content Exchange > Sam templates. Official templates will eventually make their way into the admin guide. Hope this helps.

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              Bronx is correct. The information normally included in the PDF documents can be found in the body of the template post. This "Expert Knowledge" is also included in the template itself under the description fields of the application and component monitors themselves when opening the template for editing. This information will be included in the Administrators Guide as the templates are officially added to the packaged installer.