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    Re: Syslog errors on NTP messages


      I have a few new Dell PowerConnect 6224 switches stacked and dedicated for VMware ESX environment. In my NPM 10.1.1 version, NTA 3.8 getting messages in Syslog server about ACL violation on my NTP server.


      Seeing messages here. TRAPMGR[151196128]: traputil.c(611) 518868 %% Management ACL violation on SNTP from in Syslog on NPM



      Have NTP correctly configured on switches and still seeing these messages.  Below is part of switch config that shows NTP setup.

      switch config as following

      hostname "BlahblahblahDell Stack"

      sntp unicast client enable

      sntp client poll timer 1024

      sntp server

      clock summer-time recurring USA zone "EST"

      clock timezone 5 minutes 0 zone "EST"



      Any information on how to correct this in Solarwinds Orion would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks,