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    UCS, Insufficient documentation and inability to connect with UCS credentials


      I have added my primary interconnect via SNMP in NPM.


      I go in to edit the node and select the box "Poll for UCS"




      Once I put in my credentials, the test fails.  I have tried to "Use HTTPS" and it still fails.  HTTPS is enabled on my interconnect.  I have even opened a ticket and have not had any helpful feedback.  Ticket number 346261


      The documentation from solarwinds seems very sparse.  I have reviewed the SettingUpCiscoUCS.pdf file and no help there.  I have gone through the discussions here and have not seen a solution yet.


      My username and password that I am using can get me into the CLI for the interconnect so I know that they are valid.


      What else can I look at on the UCS side?