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    Dependencies - Parent status Unreachable, how does that affect Child nodes?


      I understand the basic concept of Groups and Dependencies, but having trouble of understanding how a Parent's status will affect the Child nodes.  For example, please let me use the following set up:


      1st Dependency:

      Parent - Corporate Router

      Child Group includes:

      Site A Router

      Site B Router

      Site C Router

      This group is dependent on the Corporate Router.


      2nd Dependency:

      Parent - Site A Router

      Child Group includes:

      Switch 1

      Switch 2

      Switch 3


      This group is dependent on the Site A Router.


      With my basic understanding, if the Corporate Router goes "down", Site A, B, & C Routers' status will be "unreachable" - so that will only receive Alert Notification on the Corporate Router being down.  So, concerning the 2nd Dependency, if Site A Router's status is "unreachable" due to the Corporate Router being down, what will the status be for the Child group (nodes) containing the switches?


      Thank you!