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    Graphing Anomaly over last 3 months on an interface


      A coworker was looking at a Total Bytes Transferred graph of an interface, and when he selected "over last 3 months" as the time period, the last month or so is way too low.  It is consistent, and occurs on any interface, as long as the Time Period is set longer than one month, and the sample interval is less than once per day.


      I am sure this is a bug related to the compression of data after a month.


      Anyone else seen this?

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          Nevermind.  I mentioned this to someone in support while I was working on a different problem and it is not really a bug, but it could be handled better.


          In an example where you are asking for data every 2 hours over the last 3 months, when the database does not have data stored with that granularity (and it won't by default), it graphs zeros for most of the day, but the entire day's accumulated amount in one of the 2 hour slots.  It might be nicer to have it graph each day as a flat, full, rectangle that has the daily height divided by (24  divided by the hourly rate).  So in this case Daily total divided by (24 divided by 2) or Total divided by 12.  This would at least level the graph out.