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    Cisco IPSEC VPN connection monitor


      Hi all,


      We have installed the Orion Network Performance Monitor (NPM) in order to check the status and statistics of the vpn connections we have on the cisco ASA. We have configured customized pollers with the UnDP, trying to poll raw data from the device MIB having as requested OID (cikeTunRemoteValue). This value was successfully retrieved from the NPM, but we couldn't justify its activity. In other words, we would like to see whether the VPN connections (VPN peers) are up or down and when one them goes down, NPM should notify us. Also, statistics of the vpn peers should be kept by the nms in order to have a history of their activity.


      Is this feasible by this Solarwinds software? If yes, can you please give us some information about it?


      Thank you in advance.

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          I am not sure about the OIDs you should poll, but I can provide you steps how to create a custom poller.

          What you can do with custom poller is to poll one OID as status and the second OID can be used as a label (both OIDs have to be from the same table). So when creating new custom poller specify the OID you will use to poll the activity and select "GET TABLE" as SNMP Get Type in Show Advanced Options. On the same view make sure Keep Historical Data option is set to "Yes". On next screen assign the poller to nodes. On next screen select option "Use labels from a table column" and select the column you will use as a label. Before you finish select the Chart option to see the historical data or Table if you care only about current state.


          Since NPM 10.3 there is a possibility to trigger an advanced alert for single custom poller table row. Configure new alert in Advanced Alert manager. On Trigger Condition view select "Custom Node Table Poller" as Type of Property to Monitor. Condition will be something like:

          Poller Name is equal to <your custom poller name>

          Value is equal to <the value of the poller when the alert will be triggered>


          Now you can check the history of activity on the web and NPM will notify you when one of them goes down.




          Jiri Psota  |  QA Engineer, SolarWinds