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    LEM Filters & Alerts Technical Reference

    nicole pauls

      Hey All,


      I wanted to make you aware of a new document we've posted up on the docs page titled "Using SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) Filters & Alerts". This document is focused on real-time monitoring with filters, but also has a lot of really useful background info. This doc comes to us courtesy mcbridea over in SolarWinds Technical Support.


      Included in this 9-page read are:

      • A diagram describing how log messages navigate the LEM system to end up in your database, filters, and rules
      • How (and why) log messages get transformed into the alert data you see in your console
      • A primer on troubleshooting agents and connectors to get the right data coming into your LEM system
      • Info about what filters are and why they are useful


      The diagram alone might be worth the few-second download for the visual among you


      Questions about alerts, filters, and LEM? Post 'em and we'll answer.