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    Extreme Switch Polling and High CPU


      Had one of our LAN guys open a ticket with Extreme on a few of our Extremeware switches (still trying to verify it is only Extremeware and not XOS) about high CPU utilization.  They said it was cause by the tSNMPd process getting hit too hard.  Extreme said that they had this issue before with another client using NPM and asked me to turn off topology polling for a few switches to see if that helped.  I am told after I turned it off the CPU was back to normal.  Extreme is saying that Solarwinds know about this issue and I need to talk to them to fix it.  Seems like they are passing the buck here since it is not happening on any other device, Cisco, F5 or servers.


      I wanted to see if anyone else has run into this or are they trying to pawn me off on Solarwinds.  I will be opening a ticket with them but just thought I would throw it out here first.