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    New Orion v10.3 Chart Graphs


      It seems that the new Orion v10.3 charts are only reflecting the time of the machine you pull the Web Console from and not the time that is set from the Orion NPM server which is set for GMT time so the chart should reflect +5 hours.  It appears that the older Response time charts from 10.2.2 do reflect the correct times.  Please advise if this is possible to change this as the older charts do reflect the correct GMT times.  Below is the screenshots





      This is the New NPM 10.3 Latency and Packet Loss that seems to be only dependent on the local time of the machine that the Orion Web UI is launched from.  My local time right now is 2:00PM on 5/18 and this needs to reflect GMT time of 7:00PM GMT which is what our Orion NPM server is set to.




      Above is the past hour based upon GMT time and is correct.  This is what is needed on the new chart.  I basically need to know where this can be changed to reflect  GMT time and not local time when the chart is launched.  Thanks.