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    Neil zhang

      Hi all,


      Solarwinds  alerted "s3928 rebooted at xxxx " ? I sniffered these packets, I found  that this  switch' cpu ticks time change from 2863305004ticks to 5600ticks, I don't know why?

      When the solarwinds alert "s3928 rebooted at xxxx" ,then which some  message it received? what's the reason of it ?

      It's very important to me !


      thanks very much!

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          Hi Neil,


          I'm going to move this to the NPM space to get better visibility.



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            Neil zhang

            Hi DanielleH


            Solarwinds  alerted "s3928 rebooted at xxxx ",When Itelnet that switch ,I can't find any reboot information from debug, and the switch display that   system uptime is a long time ,So It's
            strange .Solarwinds give a different result with that switch.


            Question additional,


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                I have seen similar issues before particularly with Shoretel switches.  Some sort of nightly maintenance that the Shoretel switches performed caused a cleanup that made SNMP think that the last boot time had changed.  I have seen it from time to time with other devices but the Shoretel switches it happened every night.


                This may have nothing to do with your problem but I have seen this behavior before due to a device.  In my case it wasn't solarwinds misinterpreting data it was the data being collected was flawed.

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                could be a counter rollover for the uptime on the device

                check the documentation on your device and see if it has anything documented on how it rolls over a counter and when if its there