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    interface variables

    Fath elgalgani

      I have number of servers each have four nics(1Gb nic), are teamed so should get 4Gb interface and yes got 4Gbps. But for some reasons one or more of these four nic drop down to 100 mbps. Now want to be alerted whenever got interface speed below 4Gb. Even interface variable returned no values , for example  using this ${Interface.InterfaceSpeed} in emailing the alert, it will return ${Interface.InterfaceSpeed} intead of value. What to do fox.

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          Hi Fath,


          You have posted this in the Getting Started section which does not show questions like yours here.  I'm going to move this over to the Alert Lab for better visibility.  If you need help navigating to the right forums, please let me know.  I want your questions to be viewable to get the most responses possible from the community and SW Employee's.




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            Honestly this question is probably better suited for the NPM forum but off the cuff I'd recommend monitoring each 1GB interface individually and then creating an alert to notify you based on node name or interface name/description pattern when the interface speed does not equal 1GB. Below is a very basic example.


            Interface Speed Alert.png


            In your trigger condition alert you should be able to use the alert macro ${InterfaceSpeed} which will tell you the current speed of the interface at the time of the alert.