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    Bulk adding of interfaces & DB interface details for error and stat monitoring


      Hi Folks,


      as the long post title suggests I have 2 individual queries but both are related to the work I am doing. Firstly I'll explain what I trying to do. Currently we only monitor uplinks on routers and switches in our network; with the extra polling capacity available since 10.2 I can now afford to add all the remaining interfaces in specific parts of our network for status monitoring only with a wide polling interval.


      So my question is based around the method of executing this potentially very manual and very labour intensive task. Straight away Sonar discovery was identified as a method that could be used to add all the new interfaces, it would ignore the existing interfaces being monitored reducing any risk of accidentally deleting existing data. But the problem with this method for me is that when adding interfaces thorough sonar it automatically includes traffic and error monitoring for the interfaces.

      My requirement for these newly added ints as mentioned above is for status monitoring only. Going back into the device to disable all the error and traffic monitoring does not appeal to me and defeats the advantages of using the sonar tool.


      1. Is there anyway in the NPM environment to configure Sonar to add ints for status monitoring only?


      Failing this;


      2. Is there a way I can identify in the database interfaces that have error and traffic monitoring enabled?

      I have already been able to bulk update interfaces for 'unpluggable' status and can adjust the polling frequency by updating details in the 'interfaces' table. However I cannot find anything in the 'interfaces' table that identifies whether an interface has is configured for error and traffic monitoring which I might used to bulk disable the error and traffic monitoring. Might there be another table that contains this information?





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          Just an update for anybody who may be pursuing a similar path. I opened a support ticket posing the above question and the answers were;


          1. No, there is no way to specify the type of interface monitoring of interfaces discovered during the Sonar discovery process. I will be adding a feature request this with more detail and additional features and will post the link here when done.

          2. Short answer, no. There is a way this can be done but not without risking data corruption in the database. Since I was adding 10,000 additional interfaces the safest option was to add them manually which is what I done in the end.