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    Host Hardware Status Alerts


      We are currently testing out virtualization manager and there are a few things i was wondering about with regards to host level hardware status warnings and alerts.  Currently all hosts are sending SNMP traps to NPM.  What i was wondering about is whether or not Virtualization manager is capable of alerting on some of the hardware status items such as power supplies, fans, array controllers failures etc.


      I just recently did a test and it seems as though this is not possible at the moment.  Below is a synopsis of what i was hoping to achieve.

      Some form of hardware fails eg. power supply, raid controller, fan etc.  vCenter hardware status throws an alert within the console and the host sends an SNMP trap to NPM. All this works fine except for the fact that  Virtualization Manager does not show any alerts within the dashboard for any issues with the Host.  Is this a limitation with Virtualization Manager or is there a way to get this to work. I will really appreciate it if anyone can provide some insight as to how to get this accomplished.  Thanks is advance.