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    Looking Back at Custom Reports


      So I've used the Select Expert in the Reports tool to build a bunch of custom reports.  Now my manager is asking me to explain exactly what one of my custom reports is doing but when I look back at it I can't see a way to look at exactly what I've filtered.  Does anyone have any idea how I can do this?  Is it even possible?




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          nicole pauls

          I am looking into whether there's a way to do this that doesn't involve invoking Crystal Reports and inspecting the RPT directly. I'll follow up here when I find anything out.

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              nicole pauls

              So, it's not pretty, but the fastest way I found to do this is to run SWLEMReports.exe with the /L flag, which logs the queries being sent to the database. The queries will show your criteria at the end. For example, I added the criteria of ProviderSID "is like" "Security*" to a Console Overview report and my log shows:


              WHERE  ("alert"."managerdatekey">='20120514' AND "alert"."managerdatekey"<='20120521') AND ("alert"."managertime">={ts '2012-05-14 16:09:30'} AND "alert"."managertime"<{ts '2012-05-21 16:09:31'}) AND "alert"."detectionip" LIKE '%' AND "alert"."alertid" LIKE '%' AND ("alert"."toolalias" IS  NULL  OR "alert"."toolalias" LIKE '%') AND ("alert"."providersid" IS  NULL  OR "alert"."providersid" LIKE '%') AND "alert"."providersid" LIKE 'Security%'



              I'll let you know if we come up with anything else. Also, let me know if this works for you, with more complex/different criteria it might not be clear.