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    Hardware Monitoring not working on HP ProLiant / HP ProLiant gets Hardware Polling failed: Error 31040 or 31005


      I wanted to share the fix that I found for the problems I was having related to getting the hardware monitoring working on our HP ProLiant servers that I covered with SolarWinds under case #343875.


      The problem we were having was that we had three different conditions with the hardware monitoring not working within Solarwinds on our HP Proliant servers. (All of them were DL G5/G6/G7/G8 series). Two of these conditions generating an error condition that you could see from within SolarWinds that showed up as Hardware Polling failded: Error 31005 (or Error 31040)


      All of the issues are related to the HP Insight Management Agent either not being installed or not upgraded or compatible with the version of HP SIM or the WBEM provider that is installed on the server.


      In our case we were on SIM version 7, so we needed to install the HP Insight Management Agent version In some cases we still had version 8.70 installed and that is why it was not working. Once we upgraded to version, we no longer had a problem once we followed the re-add process below. Accept all of the default options, there is no need to change any of them.


      In other situations we had version 7 of SIM installed, but we had no version of the HP Insight Management Agent installed at all. In these cases we installed the HP Insight Management Agent on the server and followed the re-add process below. - Accept all of the default options, there is no need to change any of them.


      Still yet in order situations, we were getting a “Hardware polling failed: Error 31002” – In these cases we have found that it is best to uninstall the HP Insight Management Agent, then install the new version from the command line using the /s (for silent install) /f (for force) – the command would look like >x64.exe /s /f       when installing the x64 bit edition of the HP Insight Management Agent. You will not have to set any options because the forced silent install, installs the agent with the default options.


      After getting the proper version of the HP Insight Management Agent downloade and installed, you will need to follow the re-add hardware monitoring process below –


      > Click on the server node

      > Click Rediscover

      > Click Poll Now

      > Click List Resources

      > Select the Hardware Monitoring option by placing a check mark in the box and then clicking submit to apply

      > Clock Poll Now Again


      You might have to refresh your browser window a few times depending on how long it takes to get to polling the node again, but once it does your hardware monitoring should show up again.


      Caling HP support was pretty useless at helping me get to the bottom of this issue, but I suspect that others will see this problem and be looking for a way to fix it like I did.


      I would be happy to answer what questions I can if you have other issues get the HP hardware monitoring to work as I think we have been through most of it over the last couple of days.