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    Nexus Power Supply OID's




      I have been trying for a while to find OID's to monitor the state of the power supplies for our 5010's and 2248's and think i have found one that works but i am a little confused.  When i poll for cefcFRUPowerOperStatus it appears to pick up the status of 5k's and the subsequent Fex's but instead of 2 power supplies for each which is what i was expecting its detecting 3 and numbers them each with 22, 470 and 471.  Does anyone know what these numbers represent?


      To give a fuller picture when i test to that MIB i see the following:-


      Row ID          Test Results

      22                 2

      470               2

      471               2

      101000022     2

      101000470     2

      101000471     2


      I assume 101 is refering to the Fex as i am seeing similar output for 102,  103 and 104 which are my Fex numbers.


      Any guidance would be great? Or any better suggestions for polling Nexus Power Supplies, Fan trays and Fex status would be gratefully received.

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          Hi Andy -


          Yes, the 101, 102 etc are definitely referring to your Fex units - that's how they are labelled on an interface basis by default (i.e. Int eth101\0\1 for the first interface on the first Fex)


          Looking at the ID results, I think that the Row ID values are as follows:


          22    Supervisor

          470   PS 1

          471   PS 2


          When i do a show env power on one of my 5010s I get the following - the fact that the supervisor is reported as powered-up seems to hint that it's what OID 22 refers to:


          N5010-6-01# sho env power


          Power Supply:

          Voltage: 12 Volts


          PS  Model                Power       Power     Status

                                   (Watts)     (Amp)


          1   N5K-PAC-550W          544.56     45.38     ok

          2   N5K-PAC-550W          544.56     45.38     ok


          Mod Model                   Power     Power       Power     Power       Status

                                      Requested Requested   Allocated Allocated

                                      (Watts)   (Amp)       (Watts)   (Amp)

          --- -----------___--------  -------   ----------  --------- ----------  ----------

          1    N5K-C5010P-BF-SUP      349.20    29.10       349.20    29.10       powered-up