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    IP Address Manager 3.0 RELEASED


      I'm happy to announce we have released IP Address Manager 3.0!


      Here is the list of major improvements and features:


      • Improved User Delegation
        • Defining access roles per subnet, group, supernet or create your own custom combinations.
      • Improved Importing
        • now including subnet hierarchy import and reworked importing wizard for even easier migration process from your spreadsheet solution
      • User Experience Tweaks
        • Support for drag&drop and auto-scroll. You can easily now reorganize your IP address structures.
      • Microsoft DHCP server management
        • Add, modify or remove DHCP scopes directly from SolarWinds IPAM
        • Update IP address status (make reservation) on DHCP server from IPAM
        • Monitor DHCP scope address leases and assignments.
      • Microsoft DNS server monitoring
        • Monitor real-time status of your DNS servers.
        • Monitor Microsoft DNS zones, see zone status, zone type, zone transfers and other important details.
        • Quickly see detailed DNS records for each zone.


      AS you can see we want to make your work more easy so no more RDP connections to DHCP servers to reserve your IP address or create a new DHCP scope. No more RDP to your DNS servers to see zone status or a DNS record details. Now you can do all of these tasks directly from a single web console.


      If you are interested to see complete IPAM 3.0 release notes including bug fixes click here.


      For an update check your customer portal. You can also watch IPAM 3.0 Sneak Peak video.



      I'd like to thank especially to all IPAM Beta and IPAM RC participants who helped us with testing and reporting of issues but also to whole Twhack community - your feedback is what makes high quality of this release. Thanks!