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    SNMP v3 traps


      Has anyone gotten SNMP v3 traps to work?  I keep getting "Unknown user and engine" errors.  I put Wireshark on the line.  Initially, I was getting the same kind of error, until I added the credentials to Wireshark.  I've put credentials under Node management, and also in the IPAM settings, but it still doesn't work.  Is there another location I'm missing where I need to put the SNMP v3 credentials?  Polling from Solarwinds is not an issue; the only problem is reading the traps.  Right now, the router is set up with both SNMP v2c and v3, but it's set up to only send out v3 traps.


      Also, does anyone know if the Trapviewer will show v3 traps?  It looks like it only supports v1 and v2c, but I've been told by Solarwinds support that it should show any traps.