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    VPN Monitoring on cisco devices


      Dear Thwacks


      I have recently come across the problem of trying to monitor VPN connections. However whenever the connection breaks, there is a new row created in the database.


      This poses a problem in the dashboard view.


      I can only select which rows to display but this also makes that every time the line goes down, I get a new chart and a new view on my dashboard. Is there any way to resolve this issue or maybe work around it?

      The most important part is that the VPNs get displayed on the dashboard. At the moment we have solved this problem using traps but this isn’t ideal given the situation.

      We are using 2 Cisco ASA 5510’s to lay the VPNs in our testing environment.


      What I would suggest is implementing an alert on a trap where you can bring an interface of your choice down, instead of having Solarwinds pick it for you. The feature as is, is pretty good but it would make it better to have the possibility I just described in Solarwinds as well.