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    Tabular Poller Alerting - what is actually the best approach for open arrays?




      hardware monitoring with alert triggering is mandatory for every network,

      I am playing around with the typical topics - fans, power supplies, temperature, ... so here you always come across tabular SNMP data.


      GUI presentation works fine in the meantime,

      unfortunately I'm not able to find a state of the art UnDP advanced alerting documentation (I am also surprised that most similar thk questions are not answered yet).


      It seems the actual clean approach for tabular SNMP alerting is to use the ROW ID parameter,

      but this is only useful, when you know how much rows you have in your queries - in most cases I don't because different hardware has different assets.


      Here an example to clarify my subject...

      What exactly happens when I have following device fan status:

      FAN NumberStatus


      Status Legend from ENVMON MIB:

              SYNTAX  INTEGER {








      ... in case I created following alert:



      So the "Status" variable based on above presumtion has as content: "1, 3, 1" which is actually an array.

      My trigger rules match for values > 1 but not 5--> because this is the case for empty power slots.



      1. Does this alert trigger or not?2. Is it matching against every single field in the array regardless of the array length?

      3. and if yes does, it matches againt the worst value (which is 3 in my example) or maybe only the first or last value, which would obviously lead to a wrong result in the trigger clause...


      Thanks for any hints, I think this topic also riddles others....