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    FEATURE REQUEST - Network discovered scans and multiple pollers


      I have opened case 341859 with SolarWinds support only to find out that this is by design.


      Below is the details and the information I have given Solarwinds technical support.


      Current Configuration:

           Orion server with local database - Physical system (we will call it PollerA)

                Orion Core 2011.2.1, NPM 10.2.1, NTA 3.8.0

                Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise

                SQL 2008 Enterprise


           Orion addtional Poller - Virtual system (we will call it PollerB)

                Windows 2008 R2 Standard



      When I run a discovery (scheduled or manual), and choose PollerA as the "Polling Engine" the scan will discover nodes, volumes & interfaces that are already in the database.  The nodes found are being pollied PollerB.  When I attempt to import the nodes, it gives an error saying "Status skipped, already monitored with a different engine". When I return to discovery results the node is still there.


      If I edit the node and change the setting so that it is polled by PollerA, and try to import the node from the discovery results, it gives me a simular message "Import Status: skipped, already exists in Orion DB"and then it is removed from the discovery results page.


      I know I could ignore the node, volumes & interfaces, but what would happen if the node is moved from PollerB to PollerA?  Will the next scan find any changes to the node if any were made after it was ignored?


      How can one setup a discovery scan to not find nodes, volumes & interfaces that are polled by a different poller?



      Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.