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    Remote access to console


      We have a LEM Virtual Appliance. Whenever I try to use putty to connect to the command line remotely, it looks lie it will work but always returns an "Access Denied" error message. I know for sure that I have the default admin credentials correct. Is there some configuration that needs to be done before ssh connections can be made?

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          nicole pauls

          Hey Roman,


          It's useful to know that the default SSH port is 32022 (not the standard 22). Additionally, the credentials for logging in are different than the LEM Console UI, the username's "cmc" and the password either was set during your activation process or can be set from the virtual appliance console (under "Advanced Configuration" type "appliance" then "password" to change it from the default of "password").


          If it's neither of those things, let me know, and I'll suggest some further steps