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    HP Procurve 5406zl no Egress "No data for selected time period"

    Master Shifu

      Hey folks,


      So I am trialing Netflow, and set up my Procurve 5406 switch with sflow enabled.


      sflow 1 destination 2055

      sflow 1 polling A1-A2 20

      sflow 1 sampling A1-A2 500


      When looking at the data, Ingress shows me all kinds of stuff, but when I change to Egress, I get "No data for selected time period".  Nor does it matter if I change the polling length (Some other postings I read said sometimes if you switch to 30 minutes you will have results).  Mousing over the arrow to change the time says "Sorry, this content could not be loaded."


      Any ideas?