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    "Report Now" vs. "Detect Now"

    Andrew M

      In the context menu within the Updates view, what is the difference between the Report Now and the Detect now commands? After I have published or approved a new patch for testing, I want to force a machine to check in with WSUS so that I can check the status and see how the patch is detected by the WSUS client on the test machine. Will one of these commands do this?

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          Execute wuauclt /reportnow to update WSUS with the computers status then run wuauclt /detectnow to check for available updates.



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            Let me elaborate on workablob's reply...


            When you execute "wuauclt /detectnow", you are telling the computer to seek for new updates. If it is a managed computer (under WSUS or Patch Manager), that's what it'll check against; otherwise it would be Microsoft's Update Servers.

            When you execute "wuauclt /reportnow", you are telling the computer to inform the WSUS/Patch Manager server of its update status.


            For your particular question. I usually do it differently... After I approve an update, I Remote Desktop the computer and from there, execute a /detectnow followed with a /reportnow. Why do I RDP to the computer? If this is a test subject, I like to see "in loco" what's happening with the update. I also have a few "Beta Testers" to be the first deployed computers of any approval and only on the next week, if all goes right, I approve for the rest.




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              Lawrence Garvin

              A couple of very important points to keep in mind when using /detectnow and /reportnow.

              The /reportnow function is only processed when:

              1. There are completed events to report to the WSUS server.
              2. The WUAgent is IDLE.


              This last point is a key consideration to keep in mind.

              The WUAgent always automatically executes a reporting event approximately 20 minutes after the completion of all other pending activitites.

              The purpose of the /reportnow parameter is to immediately expire that 20 minute delay.

              So, when executing a script with these two commands in immediate succession (or issuing them from the command line immediately following one another), the reality is that the wuauclt /reportnow invocation actually does nothing at all.


              The proper way to use these two commands (or tasks from Patch Manager), is to first launch the wuauclt /detectnow task, and then WAIT for the completion of the detection event. Typically this could take a couple of minutes, but on a healthy, fully patched system, it may complete in a matter of seconds.


              Once the WUAgent is idle, then executing wuauclt /reportnow will cause the call to the ReportingWebService to occur immediately, rather than waiting for the built-in 20 minute delay.