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    Help with custom report - Approved updates for specific group




      I need some help building a custom report in Patch Manager. My goal is to list all the updates approved for install on a specific time range and for a specific computer group.


      I have a computer group named "Beta Testers" that have updates approved before anyone else. All the updates for a particular week are approved first for that group, installed on a daily basis (updates run every night for those computers) and reported by the users if any problems occur. After being validated, the updates are approved for the entire network. What I need is some help building a report of the updates I approved last week for that group "Beta Testers", so I can check them and approve them for the rest of the network.


      I've been trying for some time to build this report but Patch Manager as several datasources and sometimes it's difficult to know which one to use... My last attempts were with the datasources; "Computer Update Status With Approval Information" and "Computer Update Status With Update Information".


      Any ideas?!?!?


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          Lawrence Garvin

          This can be done. You'll need to use the Approved Updates Installation Summary with Approval Details datasource.


          The three key fields you'll need to use are:

          • Approval Creation Date - the approval time for the update
          • Computer Group Name - the target group
          • Update Title - the title of the update


          Keep in mind that approvals are targeted at groups, so different groups for the same update may have different vaules for Approval Creation Date.


          Define filters for your date range and filter Computer Group Name on the desired group. You can filter for more than one group by defining multiple filters on the Computer Group Name field and wrapping them in a subgroup using the ANY of the following option.


          Having said all of that, unless the specific need is to have this in a report for scheduling or exporting purposes, there is a much easier way to obtain this information in the console:


          Navigate to the WSUS node of the Patch Manager console, execute a Refresh Update Server task from the context menu or action pane, and then select the Update Approvals tab. This datagrid contains every approval event performed on the WSUS server. Filter the list by the desired date range and computer group(s). Select those updates. At the bottom of the action pane, launch the Approval dialog and add the additional group(s) that should have these updates approved.