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    Host Centric SAN Performance Monitoring


      I'm new to SM and need some guidance on if my "I want to" is currently do-able or is a request for new functionallity....


           I want to be able to associate (or SM automatically associate) ServerX's volumes (ex: c:\) to the underlying EMC Clariion LUNS.  Then I would like to have a view that would show me graph of IOPS, Que Depth, ect. for each of these LUNs.


                [IOPS Graph of ServerX's Volume1]     [IOPS Graph of Volume1's Clariion LUN]

                [IOPS Graph of ServerX's Volume2]     [IOPS Graph of Volume2's Clariion LUN]






           This would allow to quickly answer the App Admins when they call with "My app is running slow, is the SAN slowing it down?"

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          Storage Manager will automatically map VMware datastores and the associated VM to LUNs. For physical machines, you can manually map Volumes to an Array via the Servers Tab under each Array (Array > Servers > Allocate Volumes.  The allocated volumes will now show under Servers > Disk Performance report.  However, there is no way to manually associate Volume to LUNs or group LUN's and see their performance on one chart - yet.  This is a long standing feature request and is planned for the future (but no timetable associated with this feature).



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