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    New to Workspace Studio

    Eric Hutchinson

      I hope this is the correct thread. We are using Workspace studio to display

      snmp info from several different Windows servers. They are working fine and we are

      able to display there network stats, etc. However we have a cisco asa 5510 firewall

      on the same subnet. Is there some docs that explain how to setup ASA 5510 to

      display snmp in Workspace studio?

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          Couple of things you will need to make sure of.


          On the ASA, make sure you are allowing SNMP mangment from the workstation (or network) that will do the polling. With the ASA, it is going to deny everything right off the bat.

          (i.e. - snmp-server host inside <Workstation_1> community Changeme version 2c)


          Also, as a pactice, we have different SNMP strings for firewalls than the rest of the network - you might check that as well.

          Check for any ACL restricting SNMP traffic on the ASA.