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    How can I see who made a change to Orion - NPM and NCM




      We have a handful of different Orion admins within our organization and I'm looking for a way to track who makes what change to Orion and if possible when. Typical changes are listed below.


      Track Changes For

      • Adding/Removing a node
      • Changing a node's details
      • Changing managed state i.e. Unmanaged.
      • Adding a group
      • Changing a group's membership either direct or modifying the query
      • Adding or changing an alert
      • Adding or changing a report
      • Changing system wide settings i.e. default polling intervals
      • Creating/changing views
      • Creating/changing accounts.





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          This is also a HUGE need at our shop.


          Would also like to see (and I will submit a feature request) more options with accounts. For example, our NOC needs to be able to force a poll at times or maybe have access to the real time process explorer option but not have the ability to edit the monitors or add new processes to be monitored. It would be amazing if there were a way to let each user have an option to make a view or even floating pop up window where they could add any problem child devices to during their shift for detailed monitoring. Say today I need to watch several processes that have been eating memory over the past few days on 3 servers. With my limited NOC access I hit the process explorer and tell it to add these processes to my "watch screen" or something like that. Then once the shift is over I can easily remove these monitors. Currently it seems as thought SAM and NPM are pretty much all or nothign with your account access levels. If these ideas are already possible and I am just too dumb to know how please share links to the reading material. I would be happy to dig in.