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    Polling devices over a wireless/3G/NextG link


      Hi all,


      Has anyone had any experience monitoring devices on the other end of a 3G/4G/NextG/Wireless link? Our system is currently polling approximately 1700 devices but there are several sites on the other end of mobile networks. Sometimes the towers at these remote sites can become congested and the devices are marked as "down" when they might not be.


      Is there any way to selectively modify how long until a device is marked as done instead of globally? Eg. Fast polling is currently set to 60 seconds - can we selectively modify this to 5 minutes for the remote devices?


      Below are the options that I have come up with so far but I was looking for others thoughts/ideas/comments.


      1) Extend the polling interval for these remote devices.

           - Currently our default polling interval is 5 minutes and warning level polling of 60 seconds.


      2) Modify the Node down alert to wait until X time before the alert is triggered.

           - However, this will affect the rest of the devices on the network (majority).


      3) Duplicate the Node Down alert.

           - Node Down Alert 1 - filter out remote devices - normal trigger conditions

           - Node Down Alert 2 - filter only remote devices - trigger conditions exist for X time, eg 5 minutes

           The majority of the network devices will still alert on node down events, but for these particular devices the system must have them marked as down for a longer period before creating an alert.


      I would appreciate anyones thoughts or alternative ideas.


      As an additional question, once a node is marked as down, what is the polling interval? Does the system revert to the node polling interval? If I have a polling interval of 5 minutes and fast polling interval of 1 minute. My understanding is if the normal poll fails, I move into fast polling mode and poll every 10seconds for the warning time (set to 1 minute). At the end of this if no ping responses are received, the device is marked as down. Will the system then repoll every 5 minutes from that point on (Point Y below). Hopefully the example below makes some sense.

      Eg. T0               T5        T6               T10     T11

           Poll             Warn     Down          X          Y