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    NCM 7 User authentication mode requires credential change in server tool?




      imagine you have to use user- instead of device authentication for devices in NCM,

      e.g. because your company policy does only allow you to store passwords in Windows AD database and not in any other DBs.


      I did some tests to achieve this requirement:

      1. change device connectivity method to use user and device login credentials

      2. change the login information for all devices from "Device" to "User"

      3. in Orion Core, added a new user "test"

      4. logged in to NCM application with "test" credentials

      5. test login credentials for a device - telnet sniffer capture in background


      ---> What I see, NCM still uses the device login information defined under global macro settings...


      6. Then I used "File" > "Change My Device Login Credentials" and again entered the credentials already used in Orion Core user creation.


      ---> Now finally NCM uses the user credentials instead of the device credentials.


      So, is there really no way to use ONLY Orion Core credentials for NCM user authentication ?

      As a conclusion if above is true, there is currently no way to use AD users from Orion Core in NCM without adding the AD password into the NCM database ?

      (I assume the "Change My Device Login Credentials" writes the user credentials into the NCM database...)


      Thanks in advance for any comments...