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    Disk Volumes listed but no size displayed


      Howdy all,


      I have a node that I have added successfully but the volume information is not being listed properly. The volumes that I selected are listed in the Disk Volumes portion of the node information but there is no size or space used data. The CPU and Network information being monitored and displayed but the Disk Volumes are not.


      If anyone has any ideas for me please let me know.


      I have re-entered my SNMP settings on the node and I have deleted the node from NPM and re-added it several times.




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          Version information might help and also what kind of device (I assume server and OS) are you polling?  I think I have seen this kind of thing with some Linux boxes... being polled through specific snmp agents.

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              Sure thing:

              Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1 running on a Dell r710.


              We do have other servers with this OS that we are successfully monitoring, however, this one is being problematic.

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                  I emailed support and this was the resolution:


                  1. Please Stop all SolarWinds Services by going to: Program > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Feature > Orion Services > Stop all services. (Please ensure all services are on Stopped and not Stopping).

                  2. Backup your SQL DataBase

                  3. Please run the configuration wizard: Start > Programs > SolarWinds Orion

                  4. Configuration and Auto –Discovery > Configuration Wizard

                  5. Please select all 3 options

                  a. Database

                  b. Website

                  c. Services

                  6. Go back to the node at question.

                  7. With in the node details click on Poll Now.

                  8. Check to see if the information is been display.