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    Displaying the last usage date on a switch port




      We currently use SolarWinds and I would appreciate to know if the the following feature is available:


      The electricians at my company are responsible for patching up LAN switch ports. They would like to be able to see the date for when a specific port on a specific switch last was in use (i.e. had traffic).

      If the port not has been used for the last 6 months then they will know that the port potentially can be reused for other purposes.


      We are using Cisco switches which collect this information autoimatically but it is reset when the power is turned on/off. We need a more reliable and easely accessible system for the electricians.


      The following features are required:

      • Information should be online accessible via web page (easely accessible for non-technical personel)
      • It should be possible to query a specific location or switch and have the last usage date of all ports shown
      • Port usage information should be retained even if the switch is turned off/on.
      • It should be possible to reset the usage info on a specific switch if it is being moved to another location.


      If we can not do this with Solarwinds then can you direct us to another product that can do this?


      Kind regards