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    Any reliable way to map Cisco Switch Ports and Vlans?


      I have a small herd of cisco 6509's that we need to map out the ports on. We have have a pretty full set of Solarwinds stuff- Orion, NCM, SAM, NPM, IPAM, NTA, and Engineers Toolkit.


      Problem is that nothing completely and accurately maps them out!.


      Started with Switch Port Mapper - which has a problem skipping ports, skipping vlans assigned to ports, and in a few spots incorrectly reporting the vlan on a port. Opened a ticket - was told "its a Cisco problem".. yet I can browse the MIB and see the information there.. plus used the command line tool, captured the output, and I can see it coming over.


      So then I tried NCM.  While it correctly maps vlans to ports, but it too has a nasty habit of skipping ports. And the reporting tool will not report on ports that are down.... even though that's not a condition of the report.


      Kind of frustrated at how complex this has become - we have lots of tools, but nothing seems to be able to accurately complete what I think would be a basic question (give me a report of all the ports on this switch and what the vlans are assigned to them).


      So I'm looking at taking these reports, and then having to manually verify each and every port (we have 9 fairly fully populated 6509 switches).


      I'd like to be doing something else for the next 4 weeks.


      Anyone gotten this to work?