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    Need help with a report - Isolate workstation traffic




      I’m struggling with a report and wondering if anyone else has generated something similar.


      We’re getting ready to do a data center consolidation.  The employees will be staying in one town while the servers will be moved to a new data center 60 miles away.  I’d like to know how much traffic is currently going from the workstations to the servers.  Specifically I want to know what the peak amount is.  For instance “Workstation A” was copying a file to “Server X”.  During that copy the bandwidth usage topped out at 135MB/s.  It would be nice to also know how long that level of traffic was sustained (the conversation peaked at 135MB/s and lasted 48 seconds).  I need to make sure I don’t include any traffic going out to the WAN.



      1.       All switches are layer 3 with sflow support

      2.       The servers and workstations are on separate VLAN’s so filtering by subnet range is possible.

      3.       The core switch (ProCurve 5406zl) has 8 active interfaces.  5 go to the workstation closets, 2 go to the servers and 1 goes to the WAN.  Given the small number of ports in use on the core, filtering at the port level would be manageable if needed.

      4.       I’m using NTA 3.9.0


      I’m willing to use “Flow Navigator” or “Orion Report Writer” or a combination of the two.


      Thanks for the help.