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    Alerting with Groups


      Hi All,


      I am new here on thwack but have been playing with the Solarwinds installation that I inherited at my company.  I have done a lot of things in the software, but I am stuck on a specific alert that I want to configure.  I have created multiple alerts on devices and have them alerting to the proper people using custom properties on each of the nodes.  I simply put email addresses in the custom properties and can send emails to the contacts that are supposed to get them.  For example I send emails netadmin-<site>@mycompany.com and netadmin-<region>@mycompany.com which are defined in the custom property, but I am having difficulty with groups.  I have set up groups to suppress alerts coming from individual devices at sites if WAN links go down and that is working fine, but I am having trouble with sending an alert to the proper Netadmim for each site.  What I want to happen is to have an alert sent to the site and regional netadmins when a specific site (called groups) goes down.  What I cannot figure out is how to add custom properties to a group or how to get those custom properties from members in a group.  I have done a search on thwack and found this Groups and Custom fields that seems to be closest to what I want to do.but cannot seem to find the answers.


      BTW, this is an excellent repository for information I have used it extensively to help me understand how the different components of Solarwinds work and for the setup I have done thus far.  So thanks for that and any help you can provide on my issue.