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    Real-Time Process Explorer


      Is there a way to add the Real-Time Process Explorer "button" to a node details page for a server that doesn't have any apps/components assigned to it?  In our environment not all of our servers have specific monitors assigned.  It seems like an oversight that this resource can't be added by itself..

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          I would completely agree that it would be much nicer to have the Real-Time Process Explorer button on the Node detail page.

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              rsfh is correct. There are actually three buttons for the Real-Time Process Explorer already on the Node Details page. However, you must have some application template assigned to the node that collects these statistics for these resources to appear on the Node Details page. I recommend creating an application template that monitors a single component, such as the svchost.exe process using the Windows Process Monitor and assigning this to all your Windows hosts. Then the resources pictured below will be available on the node details page. You can do something similar for your Linux/*nix servers by watching another common process such as sshd.


              Real-Time Process Explorer Node Details.png

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              Currently there is no way to "move" that button. Feature Request is the right place to be though!