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    Changing IP on EMC VNX question


      I've recently moved 2 VNX frames to another site and changed IPs on SPs, etc. I was curious what would be the best way to change the info on the collector. I',m not that familiar with the smi-s command set so any guidance would be appreciated. I was thinking of deleting old system and recreating it but before I went that path I wanted to ping the community to see if ther's something really simple that I'm missing.



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          For the Clariion part, I would do the following:

          1. Log into the SMI-s provider using the testsmiprovider command (documented on page 18 of http://www.solarwinds.com/documentation/profiler/docs/SMISProvider.pdf).

          2. Once logged in, run the ein command.

          3. Type in cim_computersystem.

          4. You should see an entry that looks like: //"Clar_StorageSystem",Name="CLARiiON+CK100060002000"

          5. Copy that string.

          6. Run the remsys command.

          7. Paste in the string you copied for the object path. //"Clar_StorageSystem",Name="CLARiiON+CK100060002000"

          8. Hit enter a few times for the options to accept the defaults.

          9. Repeat steps 2-8 for the other arrays and you should have the old entries removed.

          10. Run the addsys command for the new SPs (documented on page 19 of the link above).


          The agent will pick up the changes on next collection.


          For the celerra part, if you are monitoring it, you should be able to change the ip addresses in the edit icon. Once you have done that, I would restart the SolarWinds Storage Manager Poller service on the STM server.




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              I have been having some trouble getting step 4 to work but vmtrooper.com had the answer.


              step 3 = Class: Clar_StorageSystem

              step 4 =


                   Instance 0:



              step 7 =

                   (localhost:5988) ? remsys

                   Remove System {y|n} [n]: y

                   System's ObjectPath[null]: Clar_StorageSystem.CreationClassName="Clar_StorageSystem",Name="CLARiiON+CKM00000000001"

                   About to delete system Clar_StorageSystem.CreationClassName="Clar_StorageSystem",Name="CLARiiON+CKM00000000001"

                   Are you sure {y|n} [n]: y

                   ++++ EMCRemoveSystem ++++

                   OUTPUT : 0

                   Legend:0=Success, 1=Not Supported, 2=Unknown, 3=Timeout, 4=Failed

                          5=Invalid Parameter

                          4096=Job Queued, 4097=Size Not Supported

                   Note: Not all above values apply to all methods - see MOF for the method.



                   In 1.465094 Seconds



                   Please press enter key to continue...


              Works for me

              Hope it helps