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    How does NCM 7.0 work with secondary polling engines


      We are currently expanding our NPM 10.2.2 single polling engine environment to include the NCM 7.0 module and two additional polling engines.  NCM will be installed on the Orion server/primary polling engine so that it is integrated the NPM Web interface. With the addition of the two new polling engines, we will spread out the monitoring of our devices over the three engines for NPM.  I need to determine how NCM will communicate with nodes in an environment running multiple polling engines.  We currently lockdown traffic to our network devices with ACLs.  Thus, in our current single polling engine environment, an ACL is in place on each device to allow traffic from the ip address of that polling engine.  Once we install NCM on the primary polling engine and install two secondary polling engines, will NCM communicate with the network devices only from the primary polling engine where it is installed or will NCM communicate to the Network device from whatever of the three polling engines that network device is assigned to in NPM?  This is important as it will drive any changes to ACLs on these monitored nodes once we incorporate NCM.