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    Endpoint Listening Error after upgrade


      Looked up error and saw in the past it was related to SQL database fuilling the drive but not the case here I don't think.   Ran the configuration wizard again and rebooted and stopped and started services.   I will post the error screens so you can see.



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          can you open a support ticket?

          I'll need to see the diagnostics to see what's going on. So far I can say that there's a problem with Orion Module Engine service (is it running? Can you try to restart?)

          Please post here the support ticket number and I'll contact you directly.



          Jan Petrzelka

          Orion Technical Lead

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            As a follow up.  There were some files that were not being updated by the RC2 package in the program files/solarwinds/orion/npm directory.  My steps to resolve this issue were.


            1. Stop services

            2. uninstall NPM 10.3 in Programs and Features

            3. move (delete) the NPM directory from Program Files/SolarWinds/Orion

            4. Install NPM via the msi located in c:/ProgramData/SolarWinds/Installers  (NPMInstaller.msi)

            5. Run configuration wizard


            Everything came back as expected.  There were errors in the OrionWeb.log, BusinessLayerHost.log, and NPM.BusinessLayer.log about not being able to load certain libraries.