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    Integration with IPAM - Rogue Device Detection


      It would be great if it was possible to use information that IPAM gathers to automatically add items into UDT for the purpose of rogue device detection.


      As IPAM already gathers information about all the DHCP leases that have been issued, this information could be evaluated against a set of criteria (currently my idea would be client name doesn't contain your domain name and the lease type is not a reservation) and if a match is found then this devices MAC address be entered into UDT so an alert is generated. This would give administrators a much quicker response time in tracking down rogue devices that are attached to your network.


      It might be a further stretch, but is this alert could also connect to the switch and disable the port the device was detected on, it would mean that UDT + IPAM would be an excellent rogue device detection and elimination solution.