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    Alert Box and Sounds?




      We want to purchase some wall mounted screens to show some custom views for our critical nodes in NPM...this is the east bit


      I would like to popup a message (on the screens) when a critical node goes down and I would also like to play an alarm sound.


      I have tried the built in 'Play a sound' alert but this doesn't seem to work.


      Any ideas how best to do these things?



        • Re: Alert Box and Sounds?

          that play a sound is kind of funny since it will be playing on the server.  So unelss you can extend the sound from the server to all the rooms you have monitors in it will be useless.


          the popups might be able to be done if you use the run a script and do a net send to the appropriate workstations that are feeding the monitors


          and even in the account setup there is an option for a sound to be played but i have yet to get that to work either.


          good luck and let us know if you find a work around.