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    SEUM 1.5 hotfix 1 - Recording plays fine manual but auto play causes errors.


      I have made a recording that when played manually it works fine. When I add this to our Orion install and set to replay every 10 minutes it plays without errors but I notice the steps being replayed are not doing the same things as when manually played.


      I did end up using the Shift & Ctrl option when recording as without the playback would fail each time.


      the recording logs into our corp. site and attempts to send a penny from one test account to another test account. Idea being if the money moves correctly everything behind the scenes is working as expected.

      Obviously we have numerous monitors checking each step of the money transfer process but I wanted to use SEUM as a high level "all looks good" monitor.

      The replay on either my laptop or the server via rdp works fine from the transaction recorder.

      It is when I add it to the Orion system and set for auto playback that the issue is noticed.


      Not really sure where to start troubleshooting this issue. Any suggestions would be most welcomed.

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          Can you provide any specifics about how the transaction differs from being played back using the recorder vs when it's assigned to a player? Occasionally there are browser differences that might cause issues. I would recommend if you're having trouble to create the recording on the same server where the player is installed. Also, ensure you're logged into the machine where you're creating the recording as a local user account since the player runs these transactions using local user accounts. These two steps should help ensure you are mimicking the player behavior with the SeUM Recorder as much as possible. On a related note we should be releasing a service release for SeUM 1.5 later this week to address a few customer reported issues. I can't say your issue is addressed in this service release but I would recommend upgrading once it's available and to see if it helps.