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    Syslog: How much can the syslog engine take?


      We currently have a LogLogic appliance taking and storing all of our syslog messages.  It recieves an average of 800 messages per second.


      If I moved this to Orion, would I hurt the performance of Orion?


      I currently have NPM, APM, NTA, IPSLA, IPAM, UDT (soon), 2 additional pollers.  Main system is a 32 CPU server with 32Gb RAM currently averaging 30% CPU.


      I only need to keep thelogs for a week or so....


      Just looking for opinions....


      I am trying to purchase "Log & Event Monitor" but we have little in the budget right now....

        • Re: Syslog: How much can the syslog engine take?

          In my experience this volume of logs will likely cause problems for your Orion system.  It has less to do with your pollers and more to do with your database, it basically overwhelms the database.  This is especially the case if you have NTA in addition to NPM and APM as all of those put a good load on the DB.


          This is based on my previous experiences with Syslog and Orion, others may have had better experiences getting this to work.