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    Import Bluecoat SG MIBs in Orion NPM


      Dear all


      I am trying to integrate Bluecoat SG Proxy with Orion NPM, but it dosnt detect anything other then interface. On bluecoat site they have provided MIBs to be cofigured but can anyone help me how to improt these MIBs to orion npm database.

      Universal poller is also of not much help, When i checked through SNMPwalk i can see the OIDs but if i try to integrate the same via universal poller it says "OID not supported"



      Bluecoat : Blue Coat SG600 Series, Version: SGOS, Release id: 78243 Proxy Edition

      Orion: 10.1.1

      Orion Core

      Version 2010.2.1

      Service Pack None


      Thanks in advance,


      Vinod Dhure