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    LEM with Symantec EndPoint Protection 12 ?


      I am trying to integrate SEP version 12 with LEM.  The only documentation that found was for SEP v11. http://knowledgebase.solarwinds.com/kb/questions/2813/Integrating+Symantec+Endpoint+Protection+11+with+SolarWinds+LEM#Step%205


      I followed the steps but no luck on receiving logs.


      I think I know why but not 100% sure, I need some clarification on one of the steps.


      For step 5 for configuring SEP it stats "Enter 22 in the Log Facility field. Note: The Log Facility value in SEP is equal to the local facility on your LEM appliance plus 16, so the default local facility of local6 in the SEP tool for the LEM Manager equates to Log Facility 22 in SEP."

      Then when you configuring LEM device it stats in step 6 "If you entered a Log Facility value other than 22 in SEP, verify the Log File value in your LEM tool matches the Log Facility defined in Step 5 above." 

      I am not sure what these numbers mean.  In addition I don't know if I have configure the log path in LEM appliance under SEP  if so were is default path for SEP logs since SEP saves logs in multiple location.

      Thank You