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    NPM 10.1.2 - Moving nodes to a different polling engine


      I recently stood up a 2nd poller.  I would like to move some of the nodes off of the 1st poller to the 2nd.  Documentation states to use the Poller Load Balancer.  It also states I have to shut down services on both polling engines.


      In the past, while in the process of moving our Orion platform to our new "Cloud" based servers, I have had my DBA change the Polling Engine ID in the DB in the Engines table.  All while servies were still running.


      Can I ask SW to put this in a test for me - 2 pollers and 1 DB.  While all nodes are using poller 1, change the Engine ID in the DB Engines table w/out stopping services.  Then reply w/results?


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      Orion 10.1.2 - 8000+ elements

      SQL 2008 cluster

      MS 2008 R2 Server x2