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    UDT - how to set "New MAC..." alert to send only one email per MAC address?




      I am evaluating UDT, it works great:

      I've installed without any problem, added 11 switches so far and got plenty of useful information.

      I've modified and enabled alert named "Alert me when a new MAC address appears on network":

      I have added an e-mail action.

      After Alert set and enabled I had got multiple e-mails for every MAC address.

      I thought: "maybe alert for mac is triggered by any switch separately" but for some MAC addresses I had more e-mails than UDT nodes,

      Every e-mail for one MAC Address has the same Alert ${ID} so it is still the same alert.

      Every MAC found has only one alert in Orion web site.

      The option "Execute this Action repeatedly while the Alert is Triggered" in E-mail action is disabled.


      I would like to get only one e-mail per MAC Address.


      I've searched thwack, SolarWinds site, documentation, FAQs, KB, asked Google uncle but not found good answer

      UDT Version: Orion Core 2011.2.0, UDT 2.0.0 + UDT-V2.0-HotFix1


      How to set alert to get one e-mail per MAC?