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    UNDP graphing limitations




      I would like to request to have more flexibility regarding the Universal Device Poller Chart.

      It seems there is a limitation regarding this chart.


      If I graph a undp containing a snmp table, the maximum number of graphs displayed is 30 - even when I select all. and the user is not informed this limitation.


      I created a case (#337488) regarding this max, and the answer was that I should just create two graphs and specify which rows I wanted to display.

      But this is not a good solution.


      First, the number of rows in the table is not static, so that involves manual work (which could be forgotten by the technician) each time the row count increases.

      Second, for nodes polled which generates a table with less than 30 rows will have the same graph displayed twice.


      I have attached a screenshot which should give a better picture of the limitation. To the left you see all the rows displayed with a "tabular undp" to the right, you see the same data graphed.



      Please look into this limitation.

      Best regards,

      Henrik Noerr