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    Inventory requests


      I'd like to see the Inventory details integrated with the NCM Node Details page.


      First, there should be a "Inventory Now" view similar to the "Download Configs" view.

      There are some devices which got missed in my scheduled weekly inventory job.
      When I view those devices, I'd like to run the Inventory for that one device directly from the Node Details web page.


      Secondly, there should be more Invenroty views that can be assigned to the Node Details web page.

      Some things I'd like to be able to see from the NCM Node Details web page:

      • CDP neighbors
      • IP ARP table for routers
      • Mac-address table for switches
      • Route Table


      This feature would save a lot of time having to go to the Inventory page to find the details of the node you are currently viewing.